Expert of Antibody Production and Genetic Modification


Dr. Roland Kurrle PhD, ImmbiCon Consulting

Dr. Roland KurrleDr. Kurrle is the founder of ImmbiCon, where he is focused on giving scientific advice for research and development projects in the field of immunology, immunotherapeutics and development of biotherapeutics. For more than 30 years he has worked as an executive R & D scientist and manager for major pharmaceutical companies in Germany and USA, like Behringwerke AG, Marburg, Hoechst Marion Roussel Wiesbaden / Frankfurt, Aventis Frankfurt / Bridgewater (New Jersey), and Sanofi-Aventis Bridgewater (New Jersey)/ Frankfurt.

As leader of many R & D teams and projects he worked predominantly in the field of immunology and related disease-areas, i.e. transplantation, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and inflammatory disorders.

The work of these teams covered the whole R & D value chain, from early discovery to clinical development.

His responsibilities as manager, project team leader, project coordinator or scientific expert comprised internal, but also joint discovery and development programs, many in long-time collaborations with renowned biotech- or pharmaceutical companies, e.g. Immunex (now Amgen), Vertex, Millennium (now Takeda), Coley (now Pfizer), Integrated Genetics (now Genzyme / Sanofi), Toyobo and Pfizer.

Dr. Kurrle is the author / co-author of > 100 publications, inventor / co-inventor of >15 patent applications and is a member of several academic societies, e.g. the German Society of Immunology (since 1976).


Dr. Zsuzsanna Bosze, PhD, DSc; group leader, Agricultural Biotechnology Center

Dr Bősze is the co-founder of ImmunoGenes, transgenic expert. Her current field of interest is to create and characterize rabbit models of human diseases, such as long QT syndrome. Those kind of models contribute to the development of novel, genotype-specific and mechanism-directed therapeutic strategies. Dr Bősze has been a leader of a research team for more than twenty five years, which pioneered the introduction of transgenic technologies in her home country and among others, they produced a series transgenic rabbits with biologically active, recombinant proteins in their milk. She is co-inventor of the patent “Transgenic animal with increased immunoglobulin level and method for the preparation thereof “(EP-2097444).

Dr Bősze is invited evaluator for different international and national grants: ESF-COST, Severo Ochoa (Spanish Center of Excellence), H2020-SME Instruments and ERC Consolidator grants.

Dr Bősze has participated in numerous EU-wide scientific collaborations, the current one aims to develop and communicate concepts for the scientific and ethical evaluation of experiments with non-mouse, large animal models. Dr Bősze is author/co-author of more than 70 publications, Member of Editorial Board of Transgenic Research, Editor of the book „Bioactive Components of Milk”/Springer/.


Dr. Laszlo Hiripi, PhD; group leader; Agricultural Biotechnology Center

Laszlo Hiripi studied Biology at the University of Szeged, followed by a PhD in Animal Husbandry at the Szent Istvan University of Godollo, in Hungary. He received a Marie Curie Fellowship to pursue postdoctoral studies in the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ulster in the UK. He returned to the Agricultural Biotechnology Center where he was involved in projects aimed to produce transgenic rabbit models for human diseases. In 2011 he became the leader of the Ruminant Genome Biology Group. Since 2014 he is the head of the Department of Animal Biotechnology in the NARIC-Agricultural Research Institute.

His research currently focuses on the development and application of modern animal biotechnology in the agriculture. His group is involved in two distinct research projects. They try to specify genetic markers causing left-sided displacement of the abomasum in dairy cattle and to develop and refine genome editing technologies to assist precision animal breeding.

Laszlo Hiripi is the author of 40 scientific publications and inventor of two patent applications.