Expert of Antibody Production and Genetic Modification

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Development Service

The following phases are the basic steps of the process we follow to develop custom antibodies. Each project is treated as unique and we work with our Customers to create a protocol that works best for them to provide our Customers with a tailor made antibody.

Service Description:

Preimmunisation Phase – on request  (4-6 weeks)                                                                      
  • Antigen Design
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Peptide Conjugation for immunisation purposes
Development Phase: Immunisation, Screening and Production (8-10 weeks)   
  • Multiple immunization (3-5) of three (3) FcRn overexpressing transgenic rabbits
  • Collection of animal pre-immune serum
  • Collection of test serum bleeds
  • ELISA-based antibody titre determination
  • Terminal bleed collection
  • Cryopreservation and storage of terminal bleed (n=1) until purification
Purification Phase (~1 week)          
  • Purification of 50 ml of immune sera (2-7 mg purified polyclonal antibody expected)
  • Purification using Protein G OR peptide affinity purification including column preparation
Additional Information About CAS
  1. The animals are kept and immunized in compliance with Institutional Animal Care and Ethics Committee-approved protocols (22.1;601 /000/2009).
  2. These projects provides research use antibioticos.