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Efficient humoral immune response

FcRn Overexpression – efficient humoral immune response against weakly immunogenic targets

Immunization with influenza derived HA2-KLH elicits potent anti-peptide immune response only in bFcRn Tg mic






(A) HA2-specific IgG titers showed a substantial increase in Tg mice compared to the negligible IgG titers of wild-type mice. (B) Absolute number of B cells, T cells, neutrophils, dendritic cells, and plasma cells were significantly higher in the spleen of transgenic animals as measured by FACS analysis (Vegh et al. 2011. mAbs).

Immunization with human CXCR4 (GPCR) transfected cells resulted in four human CXCR4 specific mAbs only in bFcRn Tg mice (in collaboration with Strategic Diagnostics Inc., USA)

Mouse Type CXCR4 Positives Efficienthumoralresponse_3.jpg
Balb/c 0
bFcRn Tg 4