Expert of Antibody Production and Genetic Modification

Increases antigen-specific hybridoma production

FcRn Overexpression – increases antigen-specific hybridoma production







Mouse Type TNP specific
IgM positive MC
TNP specific
IgG positive MC
Balb/c 76 109
bFcRnTg 110 270


Immunization of bFcRn Tg mice with trinitrophenylated proteins generated a 3-5 fold increase in antigen-specific IgG titers and had significantly larger spleens containing higher number of antigenspecific B cells and plasma cells, analyzed by ELISA and ELISPOT assays as compare to their controls. Fusion of the isolated splenocytes with standard mouse myeloma cells (SP2/0-Ag14) resulted in a 2-4 fold elevation of hybridization frequency for the hapten, or carrier-specific IgG positive microcultures, in Tg mice compared to controls (Schneider et al. 2011. Immunology Letters).