Expert of Antibody Production and Genetic Modification


ImmunoGenes is proud to have LFB Group, a pharmaceutical company specializing in biological medicinal products, as customer to which ImmunoGenes develops transgenic rabbits through its know-how

ImmunoGenes is a proud partner of Prof. Stefan Feske at NYU Langome Health, a world leader in calcium signal pathways in cells of the immune system, to develop antibodies for his research ( Lian et al. 2017 JACIVaeth et al. 2017. Nat.Comm

ImmunoGenes is a proud partner of Prof. Istvan Katona at Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, a world leader in cannabioid signalling, to develop antibodies for his research (Dudok et al. 2015. Nat. Neurscience Younts et al. 2016. Neuron)

Immunogenes is a proud member of a consortium that discovers new therapeutic targets and therapeutic candidates in cardivascular diseases, together with Semmelweis University and Agricultural Biotechnology Center. This project has been supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary (NVKP_16-1-2016-0039).

ImmunoGenes is the leader of consortium which develops FcRn transgenic technologies in rabbits. In this context ImmunoGenes entertains strategic collaboration with leading academic institutions including Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and Agriculture Biotechnology Center, Gödöllö.

ImmunoGenes is proud to collaborate with 21st Century Biochemicals (USA),  an ISO certified biochemical company who manufactures the highest quality of custome peptides and in addition their highly trained scientific staff can assist Immunogenes in choosing peptide sequences for our specific needs.