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- Looking to take your yoga practice on the road? Luckily, we're not the only people who want to travel with a yoga mat there are several decent options for the nomadic yogis among us. Like usual, I spent way too much time evaluating which travel yoga mat would join us on our RTW trip. What I was looking for a travel yoga mat? This guide was designed to make choosing the right yoga mat a breeze! At the end, I share which mat we chose. However depending on your specific needs, all of these mats would work great. Manduka makes great yoga mats and the eKO is no exception. Weighs 2lbs, only 1 thick and 68 making it a great travel companion. The orange peel surface is extremely sticky even when it gets a little wet. Made from non-Amazon eco-friendly biodegradable tree rubber which won't flake or fade. Closed cell design not absorb bacteria This mat can be easily folded or rolled to fit into your bag. colors to choose from. Khataland's YoFoMat is a newcomer to the market and has been getting great reviews. The 68 version weighs 2lbs which makes it the 2 nd heaviest mat reviewed, that being said it's not THAT heavy. Can be folded or rolled, bonus: there are folding lines to make folding it easier. This is the thickest mat at 1 which means more padding, more comfort but also more bulk. Priced at $33 USD which is towards the cheaper end. This eco friendly mat also comes with a eco friendly case. The lightest and the cheapest but also the least capable. One side is a microfiber towel surface, the other a somewhat sticky natural rubber surface

Not recommended to serious yoga students or fans of hot yoga. Can be rolled or folded. Not very durable. makes excellent yoga mats. Their travel mat scores really high comfort, durability, and grip… however it is too heavy for taste . Roughly double the weight of the others. This is the 2nd most expensive mat reviewed and has a high quality feel to it. The mat cannot be folded, only rolled. Measuring at 1 thick it provides better support than the Lululemon or the Manduka. Eco friendly and comes colors. Lululemon doesn't only sell yoga apparel – they also dabble accessories. They recently came out with the Mat to compete the portable yoga mat market. The Mat is comparable size to the Manduka… super thin and super light weight . Comes with a different texture on each side allowing you to choose your preferred grip. Can be rolled or folded. Made with polyurethane and natural rubber. Yoga socks, paws, and wraps… I've never tried them… do they work? What do The Yoga Nomads use? We use the Manduka eKO and are very happy far. It's been 14 months with almost daily use and it's holding up strong, still super sticky, and it's extremely packable! Disclaimer: it is very thin and kneeling for a time does start to hurt. Personal Bias… I LOVE Manduka Additional Resources If this guide was useful – like us on facebook & share with your friends. Thanks! Former corporate sales rep turned nomadic entrepreneurial yogi. Street food ninja, avid outdoorsman, craft beer , and live music junkie. Co-founder of The Yoga Nomads. The Gaiam travel mat you have listed here doesn't represent Gaiam's travel offerings! I think you would like checking out the Gaiam Thin-Grip Mat, I 't know why they 't label it as a travel mat since that what it basically is, but it's super thin and VERY grippy, folds rolls down, weighs less than 2lbs and the purple one is very pretty. I've been using it for around a year now and its still going strong, I'm thinking about buying another mat the line for home practice because the grippiness is perfect. This fits little backpack I wear all summer biking around and purse I take to work I can go to class right after work. you give it a try, I absolutely love it and the price is very good Reply Hi , This is a really excellent and systematic review – except you left out the coolest and highest-quality mat, YOGO! The YOGO Mat is super high grip, uses snaps to become a compact bundle and is made of biodegradable natural rubber. Please check us out, we are new 2014. We like to distinguish between eco-friendly mats that are made of natural materials, and mats that say they are eco-friendly because they 't contain neurotoxins or use eco-friendly process but they are actually made of plastic. Thanks a lot! Best, Reply Hi , You may also like the YOGO Mat, a brand new product 2014 from YOGO . The YOGO Mat not only secures to a folded bundle about the size of a 1L bottle, and is extremely grippy, but it's also easily cleaned and can be -dried using the mat's integrated straps. I definitely think it should make your list of 2015 travel mats! Thanks, Ryon Reply of our readers practice yoga but even if you 't, it is nice to have a mat for exercising while on the road. Who knows, maybe your trip around the world be your inspiration to take up the practice of yoga. If you have a mat, it be that much more accessible. All yoga mats are not created equally… some can be difficult to travel with while others are very convenient. For more on travel yoga mats, click the link to read the great post that our friends and Anne wrote on this. Rated out of by reviewers. by I ...LOVED the Wonder Under. I 't know why they changed them lululemon black friday 2016. The waist is huge and the rest of the pant is super tight and all of new pants just fall down. : they're sort of see through and b) after washing them they started pilling. I still have them because they're comfortable, but I definitely wouldn't suggest them to anyone and am discouraged from buying anything lululemon again. 13 by I want to start off by saying I Lululemon, but I am a little disappointed with more recent purchases. I really loved these pants when I first purchased them. They were soft and comfy. I also received many compliments on them! However, after just a few uses and there is piling ALL over the and crotch area and some fading. I have purchased for a time and have not had any real issues until recently. I really that works to improve these deficiencies for any of future purchases. I continue to purchase with high hopes. Bummed north face black friday ... 10 by I bought two pair of these pants, one being the full on luon, and they were great until I washed them. Once I did, there was pilling at the top and the inner thighs, which has continued with each wear. I follow all of the washing directions and this is still issue. Very disappointing for how much you pay. 7 by Got a pair of these for Christmas as a awaited present, then want away missed any to wear them before the return ran out - Started piling after 2 wears and small hole formed on the left knee without any aggravation like falling over or getting stuck on something - think it was simply from wear Was extremely dissapointed by the hole as even with the piling they could be worn, but the hole has ruined them :( 6 by I bought a pair and the pilling definitely came on, which I wasn't too worried about, I swear by Lululemon and the pilling unfortunately cannot be controlled on some items, especially after a lot of wear. BUT I only wore these a couple of times..... the fading on these pants is terrible and is the stretching. Whether I'm going to the gym or I wear them all day, I cannot tell you the number of times that I found myself pulling them up, much that I just stopped wearing them all together, it was SO annoying. I wear a 6 across the board this wasn't a size problem, I went and tried the 4 just case and it was just too tight. Last time I went to try them on, also realized that they were see through. This has never happened with any of other Lulus, it's definitely a disappointment to have spent much money on piece of garment that only got a few wears. Learned lesson. Oh and also, EVERYTHING sticks to them. 2 by February 29 by These were first pair of 's and they totally let me down. I loved them at first but then they stretched out throughout the first day of wearing them and kept sliding down. Then they started pilling a little after one wash and have progressively gotten worse. It starts on the seams and then progressively gets worse and worse. As a first time customer i'm completely unimpressed and likely won't be