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2008 News Archive

November 2008

Mrs. Beatrice Tschanz joins Board of Directors

ImmunoGenes AG, Baar, Switzerland, announces the joining of Mrs. Beatrice Tschanz, as a Member of the Board of Directors. This completes the formation of the leadership team of the company simultaneously with major progress on the funding of the company.

Mrs. Beatrice Tschanz has been a widely recognized manager in several industries and has held prominent positions as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Valora Holding and other Public Companies in Switzerland. Her key competences are Corporate Communications and experienced knowledge of Crisis Management

“I am pleased to join the Board of ImmunoGenes at the very starting point of this new venture and with the potential to become one of the first successful biotech start-up companies in Hungary. The leadership of ImmunoGenes has devised a development and business strategy which will create an international visibility for the product portfolio and the medical advances afforded by their truly novel technologies. I am eager and committed to work with this team and can’t wait to see this company grow and realize its prospects” said Mrs. Tschanz.

“We are privileged that we can enjoy the guidance and counsel of Mrs. Tschanz being such an experienced industry leader. Her vast networks throughout geographies and industry sectors will certainly help us to develop our company to its fullest potential”, said Dr. Imre Kacskovics, CEO of ImmunoGenes AG.

“I am glad that Mrs. Tschanz was willing to join our effort in building values and a business in Hungary with a reach to international markets. She truly validates our cause and vision for this technology platform and for Hungary as a Life Science growth market within Europe”, said Dr. Wolfgang Oster, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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September 2008

ImmunoGenes AG (Dorfstrasse 38, 6340 Baar, Switzerland) as holding company of ImmunoGenes Kft has been registered.

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July 2008

An ImmunoGenes-led consortium (consortium members: ImmunoGenes, ABC, ELTE, Abiol) won a major Hungarian R&D grant of € 1.35 m to create the IGRABBIT for polyclonal antibodies (Nemzeti Technológia Program 2008)

An ImmunoGenes-led consortium (consortium members: ImmunoGenes, ABC, ELTE, Abiol) won its first major Hungarian grant for R&D: € 1.35 m (IGRABBIT – Nemzeti Technológia Program 2008)

Antibodies are extremely important for therapeutic, diagnostic and research applications representing the largest segment of biotechnology reagents. The polyclonal antibody production is an established multibillion dollar market with substantial annual growth rate (7-15%). Some of the key experts of the consortium (founders of ImmunoGenes Ltd) created transgenic mice as prototypes that have a superior antibody producing system. The technology is based on an overexpression of a special receptor that is crucially involved in enhancing the humoral immune response. The consortium intends to create and validate transgenic rabbits for polyclonal antibody production. Both the transgenic mice and the rabbit will be immunized with different strong and weak antigens, which are commercially relevant. The intellectual property is protected and exclusively licensed to ImmunoGenes Ltd. The technology offers solution to a suboptimal process in polyclonal antibody production – quantity, quality and time saving – and an increase in profitability. The ultimate aim is to identify proprietary products for commercial portfolio and perform the pilot antibody productions.

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May 2008

ImmunoGenes successfully closes a seed financing round of appr. €300k with Hungarian and US investors.

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