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Controlling Costs

We are cognizant of customers project costs. At the beginning of each project we provide a quote for the entire project which is structured in phases. Each phase is a decision point at the end of which you can decide whether you would like to proceed to the next phase. This allows you to stop the project at the end of each phase without incurring the cost of the entire project.

Developing Custom Antibodies: Our Process

Request a Quote

Request a Quote

The following phases are the basic steps of the process we follow to develop custom antibodies. Each project is treated as unique and we work with you to create a protocol that works best for you to provide you with a tailor made antibody.

Phase I: Immunization ( 10-15 weeks)

Phase II: Fusion (2-3 weeks)

Phase III: Sub-cloning (3-4 weeks)

Phase IV: Antibody production (2-3 weeks)

Antigen Requirements

Additional Information About CAS

  1. For Mouse Monoclonal: As concerning our mouse protocol, we use FcRn Tg BALB/c mice2, which are kept and immunized in an SPF animal house. The animals are kept and immunized in compliance with Institutional Animal Care and Ethics Committee-approved protocols (22.1;601 /000/2009).
  2. Please select the appropriate carrier for your analysis (KLH, ovalbumin, or BSA – we recommend KLH, as a very potent immunogenic protein).
  3. We use complete Freund adjuvant (CFA) for the first injection and then incomplete Freund adjuvant (IFA) for the boosters. Customers can specify alternate adjuvants.
  4. Performing ELISA assays we generate for each bleed a data sheet showing the serum titers and the evolution of each animal's immunoreactivity. These elements and the results obtained in your lab will allow you to take the best decision concerning the future of your project

1 Cervenak J, Bender B, Schneider Z, Magna M, Carstea BV, Liliom K, Erdei A, Bosze Z, Kacskovics I (2011) Neonatal FcR Overexpression Boosts Humoral Immune Response in Transgenic Mice. J Immunol 186 (2):959-968.


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