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Customized Transgenic Solutions (CTS)

There is a growing demand for pre-clinical testing in specialized animal models to increase predictability for outcome in human clinical trials. The demand for these animal models has also increased recently to satisfy the need for superior models for certain diseases including cardiovascular, pulmonary and ophthalmic indications.

The timely creation of such specialized transgenic animals under high quality standards is limited to a select group of experts – ImmunoGenes being one of them.

Under the leadership of Dr. Zsuzsanna Bosze,  ImmunoGenes has built a track record of excellence in the field of transgenic animal creation for a wide range of specialty needs. Dr. Bosze, one of the scientific founders of ImmunoGenes is an authority in the field of Transgenesis

ImmunoGenes' offers a variety of customized transgenic solutions in a number of different animal models, including mice and rabbits, by microinjecting large genomic fragments at its state-of-the-art facility. The Customized Transgenic Solutions (CTS) team consists of Dr. Bosze along with a group of leading experts in the field of transgenesis, and collaborates with some of the foremost institutions in this field- including The Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh, INRA-France, and PolyGene AG. 

What we offer:

Join some of the world's leading biotechnology companies in sourcing your transgenic animal models from ImmunoGenes.

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