Introducing IMG-AbS™

ImmunoGenes' patented technology platform IMG-AbS™, is an FcRn technology using genetically modified animals that overexpress the neonatal Fc Receptor (FcRn). Because of FcRn's role in antigen presentation, the company's animals are able to mount a strong immune response against weakly immunogenic targets.

Our recent studies have illustrated the advantageous effects of FcRn overexpression to significantly improve humoral immune response in the generation of antibodies, in principle, as biotherapeutics or in diagnostic assays.

IMG-AbS™ technology:

Source: Kacskovics et al. 2011. mAbs

Intellectual Property

The IMG-AbS™ platform is protected by broad patent claims that have already been granted in Europe, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

Our patent portfolio has been designed to protect the entire class of antibodies derived from the IMG-AbS™ platform. Each antibody arising from the platform will also be covered by individual composition of matter IP.

We enjoy full freedom to operate under our patent coverage and till date have not granted exclusive licenses for IMG-AbS™ against any therapeutic target.