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Benefits of IMG-AbS™

FcRn Overexpression – Better IgG Protection


Figure 1

Wild Type Animals

Most antibodies are degraded

Figure 1

bFcRn Transgenic Animals

More antibodies are recycled

FcRn overexpression significantly increases half-lives of mouse and human IgGs


Figure 1

Mouse IgG clerance in tg and wt mice

Figure 1

Human IgG clearance in tg and wt mice




Pharmacokinetic analysis of the mouse and human IgGs in bFcRn transgenic (Tg) and wild type (wt) mice. Mean±SEM serum concentrations of injected mouse IgG and human IgG in Tg and wt mice; insert shows the half-life values of injected IgGs (Bender et al. 2007, Transgenic Research).